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Carrots, per kg
White crystal sugar "Diamond" 1 kg
Cosmin dill 8g
Cosmin Cosmin dill 8g
2,69 lei
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Olympia vinegar 1l
SAVE 0,40 lei
Extra fine white sugar "Brilliant" 1 kg
Arovit eggplant zacusca, 300g
Raureni apple cider vinegar, 500 ml
Olympia bors pet 1l
Arovit zacusca with beans, 300g
Arovit vegetable stew, 300g
Cosmin black peppercorns 17g
Cosmin was 4g bay
Cosmin Cosmin was 4g bay
1,89 lei
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Bean zacusca Capricii si Delicii 290g
Arovit spicy zacusca, 300g
Raureni Spicy cucumbers in vinegar, 680g
Storage glass jar + lid, 1000 MLStorage glass jar + lid, 1000 ML
SAVE 3,40 lei
Eggplant salad Caprices and Delights 525g