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Activia is Danone yogurt which contains, in addition to traditional yeast ferments and Bifidus ActiRegularis probiotic bacteria, selected from dairy products and used exclusively by Danone.
Activia is the most popular yogurt in the world, being consumed by a third of the world's population and is addressed to anyone concerned with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Ingredients: Partially skimmed pasteurized milk, sugar, cereals 0.3% (wheat bran; wholemeal flour barley and oats), (with the addition of: dietary fiber - oligofructose; flavor), milk protein, fiber: acacia gum, yogurt ferments , ferment Bifidus ActiRegularis. Packed on a line that processes products containing rye.
Allergens: Milk
Nutritional information: energy value 59kcal / 100g, fat 0.8g / 100g, carbohydrates 9.4g / 100g, sodium 0.9g / 100g, protein 2.8g / 100g.
Other information: Store at 2 to 6 degrees Celsius.

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