Artisan organic milk 3.7% fat 750ml


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We bring pure organic milk from the wind and weather of Bucovina, we pasteurize it at a gentle temperature, then we cool it quickly and put it in the bottle, to keep as intact as many of the vitamins and minerals. Our grandparents told us to close the eyes when we drink the milk, in order to feel as much as possible the aromas and tastes of the immaculate meadows where they graze.

Benefits: Low temperature pasteurized milk product. It is an excellent source of vitamin D. More vitamin B-12 is essential in creating red blood cells.

Ingredients: 100% Romanian whole cow's milk, homogenized, from organic agriculture (Certificate RO-ECO-027), pasteurized at low temperature.

Nutritional information: energy value 71.3kcal / 100g, fats 4.1g / 100g, carbohydrates 4.9g / 100g, sodium 0.07g / 100g, protein 3.7g / 100g, saturated fats 2.4g / 100g.
Other information: Non-standard product - the percentage of fat may vary depending on the fat of each batch of milk.

Other information: Store at 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.


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