Calgon Hygiene + Gel anti-limescale solution, 750 ml


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Calgon Hygiene + Gel anti-limescale solution, 750 ml

Calgon Gel Hygiene - the product from the calgon range that ensures that your washing machine is clean and sanitized and protected against limescale deposits.

Use Calgon Gel Hygiene every time you wash it: its active formula ensures that the washing machine has optimal protection against limescale deposits.

Use Calgon Gel Hygiene once a month: its antibacterial formula kills up to 99.9% of bacteria * and keeps the washing machine sanitized.

Protection at each wash:
1 Lid (= 50ml) = MEDIUM AND HARD WATER
1 + 2/3 Capable = VERY HARD WATER
Add CALGON Hygiene Gel + over detergent to the washing machine drawer.
Apply the recommended amount of detergent for water with low hardness. Suitable for all types of fabrics.

Antibacterial protection:
2 lids (2x50ml), 40ºC, washing cycle without laundry.
Use CALGON Hygiene Gel + once a month or after 15 washes. Add the recommended amount of product and start a wash cycle, without laundry and without detergent.


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