Cooking by Heinner Salsa aluminum cooking set, 5 pieces


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Cooking by Heinner Salsa aluminum cooking set, 5 pieces

Compact, ingenious and easy to use!
How easy and convenient it is to keep the food left in the dish in which you cooked it! Remove the detachable handle and insert the dish directly into the refrigerator! Without moving the food to other smaller dishes. Heat the food directly in the same bowl, just take it out of the fridge, mount the handle and turn on the stove! And not only that, you can serve food directly on the table in these dishes!
Thanks to the ingenious and detachable handle, these dishes are also perfect for baking.
The set is compact, saving space in the closet, closet or washing machine!
The vessels can be used on all heat sources, including induction

Instructions for use and maintenance: Before first use, wash the product with warm water and non-abrasive liquid detergent. Do not overheat the dishes when they are empty. Never burn oil or fat. To avoid scratching the anti-adhesive coating, we recommend using nylon, silicone or wood utensils. Avoid mechanical shocks. When using the dishwasher, certain detergents may contain corrosive agents that may damage the lining of dishes containing aluminum elements. The handle is not compatible with the dishwasher

Material: pressed aluminum
Interior: 2 layers of non-stick xylan
Induction base
Bakelite button

The set contains: 
1 x 24x5 cm aluminum pan
1 x aluminum pan 16x6.5cm, 1.2L
1 x aluminum pan + lid, 20x9.0cm, 2.6L
1 x detachable handle




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