Plasticized wax pencils BIC Kids Plastidecor, triangular, 12 colors


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Whether we are talking about home or school, BIC Kids Plastidecor coloring pencils are perfect for introducing children to the wonderful world of coloring and drawing from 30 months. The 12-color rainbow includes vibrant and metallic shades that give free rein to the imagination of our little artists. These pencils are 12 cm long instead of the standard 17 cm, so they fit perfectly in small hands. The drum is very durable, and the pencil itself is stronger than regular coloring pencils, so that they can withstand drops better and be pressed on paper.
Don't worry about children getting dirty while using these pencils, because your hands and clothes stay clean. For over 65 years, BIC has been producing high quality writing instruments that are present all over the world. BIC has designed the coloring supplies in the BIC Kids product range to provide children with tools that are fun and helpful in their education.
€¢ BIC Kids Plastidecor plasticized wax pencils are perfect for children who are starting to draw; recommended for children over 2 and a half years old;
€¢ With 12 vibrant colors, including gold and silver, children are free to create wonderful masterpieces;
€¢ These pencils are easy to sharpen, so that children can use them by themselves;
€¢ Colored pencils more durable than ordinary ones; they are lighter and very strong at the same time;


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