Tipp-Ex Shaken Squeeze concealer, 8 ml, 1 piece


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Tipp-Ex was a traditional German brand specializing in the supply of correction accessories. Just shake, slide and correct. These high-tech correction pencils are designed with a sealing valve.
Robust: the nylon button resists falling and temperature changes.
Flexible: the compression grip area is sensitive to touch to adjust the flow to the size of the correction area.
Accuracy: Fine metal tip designed to remove exactly what you don't want.
Safe: Each Tipp-Ex ShakenSqueeze correction liquid pencil undergoes over 30 quality inspections during the manufacturing process, from each side to the finished product. BIC quality at your disposal.
• The 8 ml Tipp-Ex Shake'n Squeeze correction pencil is a high performance correction pencil;
• Just shake and correct using the soft press button for a correct flow of the pencil;
• Fine metal tip designed to remove exactly what you don't want;
• This high quality correction pencil has a fast drying action for instant rewriting;
• The dual-purpose cover protects both the tip of the correction pencil and then attaches to any notebook.


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