Dash Color Frische Liquid detergent for colored laundry, 2.75L, 50 washes


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Dash Color Frische Liquid detergent for colored laundry, 2.75L, 50 washes

Dash Color Frische offers a completely clean result with its invigorating and radiant freshness. The brightness of your colored laundry remains even after many washes and is actively protected against bleaching and color transfer.

Stains are removed from the first wash. This makes Dash Color Frische the perfect detergent for you and your family. Feel and enjoy the invigorating freshness.

Color Dash gel removes annoying stains from colored laundry (except wool and silk), leaving a long-lasting, fresh scent. Protects colored fabrics from discoloration.

Temperature range 20-95 degrees Celsius.

Recommended dose 55-155ml per wash depending on the degree of dirt and water hardness. Always follow the textile manufacturer's care instructions. The correct and lowest washing temperature must be selected. However, wash heavily soiled laundry at a higher temperature. The recommended dose on the back of the product should be observed.

Made in Germany.



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