Fragedo family pack boneless chicken legs, skinless, refrigerated, per kg


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We produce with the utmost care and dedication the Fragedo range to offer access to a healthy, safe and exceptionally tasty meat, so that our customers can enjoy beautiful moments with their loved ones.

Ingredients: boneless chicken legs, without skin.

Nutritional information / 100g product: energy value 150kcal, fat 7.98g of which saturated fats 3.22g, carbohydrates 0.47g of which sugars 0.1g, protein 19.09g, salt 0.12g.

Other information: Class A refrigerated product, packed in a protective atmosphere. Store at 0 ... 4 ° C. The shelf life specified on the packaging of this product may be observed only by uninterrupted storage at the indicated temperature.

Preparation instructions: remove the chicken and remove the packaging. After preparation, wash your hands well, but also the surfaces and utensils used. Prepare properly before consumption. The product is not suitable for consumption raw. Preparation in the microwave is not recommended.


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