STIRA e AMMIRA stain remover gel, 500ml


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STIRA e AMMIRA stain remover gel, 500ml

Specific product for treating difficult stains, used before normal manual washing or in the washing machine.
Its special formula penetrates the fibers, dissolving even the most difficult stains such as: sauce, milk, butter, blood, lipstick, oil, chocolate, fat, ink.

DOUBLE ACTION: pre-treatment of stains before washing, additive during washing


Super effective enzyme-based formula
Concentrated, it acts in depth, eliminating the most difficult stains
Perfume with patented anti-odor technology against odors of food, animals, perspiration and smoke
Super functional nozzle, easy to use


Before washing, moisten the garment where it is stained and spray the product directly on the stain.
Leave for a minute, then wash with regular detergent in the washing machine or by hand.
Do not allow the product to dry on the fabric.
For particularly difficult stains, rub the material.
Always follow the instructions on the clothing labels.
Do not use on delicate silk and clothes.
In the case of colored clothing likely to discolor, first perform a test in an invisible place. If you do not notice any discoloration, continue using the product normally.


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