Hochland Creme crema de branza cu sunca 200g


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Hochland Creme crema de branza cu sunca 200g

Choose one of the Hochland Crème assortments every day: classic, with ham, greens or cucumbers. You can create an appetizing sandwich, a delicious cheese cake or a tasty sauce for salad or steak. Hochland Crème is a reliable help in the kitchen, for any food you want to cook: why eat it just lying on bread?
Ingrediente: Branza proaspata de vaca 64%, apa, sunca 4,5% (carne de porc, apa, sare, glucoza, stabilizator: E 451, antioxidant: E 301, conservant: E 250), proteine din lapte, aroma, sare, agent de ingrosare: E 410, corector de aciditate: E 330.
Allergens: Milk and milk products (including lactose).

Informatii nutritionale la 100 g produs: Valoare energetica 907 kJ/219 kcal; Grasimi 20,0 g, din care acizi grasi saturati 14,0 g; Glucide 4,2 g, din care zaharuri 3,6 g; Proteine 5,6 g; Sare 0,90 g 

Other information: Store at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.


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