K2r Color Catcher Complete Action Eco Color Capture Napkins, 18 pieces

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K2r Complete Action Eco Color collection wipes, 18 pieces

Color Catcher Complete Action ECO is an effective solution to protect clothes from color accidents, grayscale and loss of shine.
Thanks to the fibers they are made of, these napkins work like a magnet, absorbing excess color and dirt particles from the water, being active at all temperatures.
The proof is the color that the napkin has at the end of the washing cycle!

Color-absorbent napkin made of 100% naturally obtained fibers - the most environmentally friendly means of effective protection against stains during the laundry process. Suitable for manual or machine wash at any temperature, cycle and for washing any fabric. Made from renewable, biodegradable fiber sources. It does not contain dyes.
Thanks to the patented technology, the napkin acts like a magnet, absorbing the paint spilled from the water. Thus, the napkin offers maximum protection against discoloration of clothes. From now on, you can wash all your clothes together, without risking damaging your clothes and the environment!

Instructions for use:
1) Put a napkin in the drum of the washing machine before putting the laundry in it.
2) Load the laundry and add the detergent, start the usual washing cycle.
3) Remove the napkin and laundry immediately after the end of the wash cycle.

Some fabrics are more sensitive to discoloration: dark and light-colored fabrics, cotton and color-resistant clothing. Put more wipes in the washing machine tank for such clothes. Care must be taken when mixing colored and white clothing. New colored clothes should be washed separately for at least the first six washes. Bed linen, towels and jeans should always be washed separately. Efficacy is not guaranteed when washing large quantities of paint-resistant clothing. Always follow the instructions provided by the washing machine manufacturer.

Quantity: 18 pcs.



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