Heinner HWM-V8214D ++ automatic washing machine, 8 kg, 1400 RPM, class D, LED display, 60 cm, white


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Heinner HWM-V8214D ++ automatic washing machine, 8 kg, 1400 RPM, class D, LED display, 60 cm, white

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Automatic washing machine Heinner HWM-V8214D ++, Energy pass D, Load capacity: 8kg, Spin speed: 1400rpm, LED display, 15 programs, Delayed start, Additional rinsing function, Anti-crease function, Eco-logic system, Fast program 15 min, Centrifugal speed selector, Child access lock, Dimensions (wxdxh): 59.7x55.7x84.5 cm, Color: White

- Front-loading standard washing machine;
- Load capacity of 8 kg, suitable for a family of over 4 members;
- Window opening on the left side;
- It is equipped with 15 washing programs;
- Maximum spin speed of 1400 rotations per minute;
- Washing machine equipped with functions such as Delayed Start, Centrifugal Speed ​​Selector, Additional Rinse Function, Anti-Wrinkle, Child Access Lock;
- Energy class D with an annual energy consumption of 175 kWh.

ENERGY CLASS: D - Save time and electricity with each wash.

CAPACITY 8KG - Provides increased flexibility. Ideal for the whole family and large objects.

VARIABLE SPINNING SPEED 0 - 1400 RPM - You can select the number of rotations, which represents the maximum spinning speed, up to 1400 rotations per minute. Choose the number of rotations according to the type of clothes used and the preferred program.

ELECTRONIC BALANCE CONTROL SYSTEM - The product has an electronic balance system which, by evenly distributing the laundry inside the drum, reduces vibrations and reduces the noise produced during squeezing.

DELAYED START - Provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to set the device to start at the desired time, within 1-23 hours.

TEMPERATURE SELECTION - High flexibility in choosing the washing temperature: 20, 30, 40, 60, 90 degrees

DISPLAY LEFT TIME AND WASH CYCLE STAGE - Everything you need is displayed on the screen: you will always know how long the chosen washing program lasts, how much time it has and in what washing stage the program is.

LED SCREEN - LED screen with an intuitive control panel with which you can always choose the right options.

LOCK AGAINST CHILD OPERATIONS - You can activate this function to prevent the washing machine from being operated by children during its operation.

FOAM REMOVAL FUNCTION - If too much detergent is used, a large amount of foam will form, affecting the efficiency of the washing and rinsing steps. This function allows the automatic detection of excess foam and its removal.

ECO LOGIC SYSTEM - Optimizes water and detergent consumption, as well as the duration of the washing program depending on the amount of laundry loaded. The Eco Logic system will help you protect nature and save money. For example, when the car is half loaded, the energy savings can reach up to 50%.

SIDE WALLS WITH "BOOMERANG" TYPE DESIGN - The specially designed cabinet is designed to help reduce noise. It increases the rigidity of the device and helps reduce vibrations during operation, being an elegant and practical solution to wash, without filling the house with noise.

EASY IRONING - Using this function can reduce the formation of creases on clothing.


COTTON 90 ° C (COTTON 90 ° C) - Intensive and safe washing of cotton clothes

PRE-WASH COTTON (COTTON PRE-WASH - Economical washing of cotton laundry. It is also suitable for washing baby clothes or those worn by people with allergies.

COTTON 60 ° C (COTTON 60 ° C) - Intensive and safe washing of cotton clothes

ECO 40-60 - The program is designed to safely wash synthetic clothing or cotton blend

COTTON 20 ° C (COTTON 20 ° C) - Intensive and safe washing of cotton clothes

WOOL - A program designed to wash delicate woolen clothing without damaging it. We recommend using a special detergent for wool

RINSE - After rinsing, if you want to rinse the laundry extra, you can use this program for any kind of laundry.

SPIN ONLY (SPIN) - Separate spin program.

HAND WASH / DELICATE FABRIC (HAND WASH / DELICATE) - Program designed for washing clothes made of delicate materials, protecting the fabric and colors

MIX - Program that allows the washing of cotton and synthetic clothes in the same washing cycle.

COLORS 40 ° C - A program for washing less dirty cotton and linen textiles.

SHIRTS - You can select this program to wash shirts and blouses from different materials in optimal conditions.

QUICK WASH 60 MINUTES (FAST 60) - You can wash clothes made of cotton, colored laundry or linen at 60 ° C in 60 minutes.

QUICK WASH 15 MINUTES (FAST 15) - This program is suitable for very quick washing of a small number of not very dirty clothes.

Recessed type: Standard
Washing machine type: Standard
Loading type: Front
Family size: 4 members
Loading capacity: 8 Kg
Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm
Washing noise level: 78 dB
Window opening type: Left
Control panel type: Digital Mechanic
White color

Depth 55.7 cm
Width 59.7 cm
Height 84.5 cm
Weight 68.5 Kg
Cable length 140 cm

Energy efficiency: Energy class A ++ in a range from A +++ to D
Energy class according to the new energy labels adopted at EU level: Class D
Energy consumption / 100 washes: 73 kWh

Functions: Additional rinsing Anti-crease function Delayed start Centrifugal speed selector
Timer duration: 12 h
Safety functions: Foam detection system End of program signaling Blocking child access
Eco Logic Technologies: Electronic balance control system

Washing programs: Delicate laundry, Wool, Easy Care Cotton, Rinse, Daily, 60 min, Mix Shirts, Hand wash / Delicate, Cotton 20 °, Quick 15 min, Colorful 40 °, Eco 40-60 Cotton 60, Cotton 90 ° C
Number of washing programs: 15
Fast program duration: 15 min
Dispensers: Detergent Balm


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