Scented pearls for laundry Lenor Unstoppables Spring 210g


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Scented pearls for laundry Lenor Unstoppables Spring 210g

Discover a new world of freshness with Lenore Unstoppables! Solid scented pearls use Micro Capsule technology to give your clothes the most durable and fresh scent you have ever experienced.
For the perfect wash, combine the cleaning power of Ariel 3in1 Pods or liquid Ariel, Lenor conditioner and Lenor Unstopabbles scented pearls. 

AROMA Lenore Unstoppables it is activated by washing to provide a stronger scent that brings freshness every time. Intensifying the freshness after each wash, Lenor Unstoppables keeps the fresh smell of the clothes up to 12 weeks (in the closet), so they are always ready to wear, smelling of your favorite perfume.

Choose the pearls too Unstoppables Spring if you are looking for flavors with floral and fruity accents. Pamper yourself with a unique scent of orange blossoms and rose flowers, combined with long-lasting fragrances with woody notes and fresh floral notes that keep the feeling of a perfect spring day all day long.

For optimal use, place Lenor Unstoppables in the empty tub before each wash and then the clothes, detergent and conditioner, according to your usual way of washing.
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