BIC Original Crystal Pen, 1.0 mm, various colors, 4-piece bag


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French entrepreneur Marcel Bich started a writing revolution in 1950 with a pen: BIC Cristal Original. His invention offered an unbeatable trio: a tip, a perfectly spherical ball and a high quality ink manufactured in BIC factories. The company has since maintained its impeccable quality standards by constantly optimizing the BIC Cristal pen.

Over the years, the pen has gradually become lighter, and the ink initially used has been perfected for writing with an increasingly delicate touch. This pen now lasts twice as long as the most popular pens. A ubiquitous object known and loved by all for decades, the BIC Cristal pen is an absolute part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world, from students and professionals to artists. This iconic object is even exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) and at the Center Musée dArt Moderne / Pompidou in Paris, where visitors look with interest at its design.

• The classic BIC Cristal Original pen is one of the best-selling pens in the world;
• The average tip of 1,0 mm slides easily on the page for a spotless writing;
• Efficient, simple and reliable design; includes a clear cylinder for checking the ink level;
• BIC Cristal Original has enough ink to write about 3 km;
• Made of few materials, the BIC Original Crystal pen is certified with the NF Environment eco label.


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