BIC Kids plasticine, 6 colors


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The BIC Kids range was created to offer children easy-to-use products that stimulate their imagination and creativity, while improving their dexterity. With the help of the BIC Kids Plasticine modeling kit, children will be introduced to the joy of modeling from the age of one, under the supervision of an adult. They will have the freedom to give life to fantastic and wonderful shapes that populate their imagination! They will especially want to use this soft plasticine with which to shape all desires and inspirations.
BIC Kids plasticine leaves no marks on the little ones' hands, even after hours of play. This assortment of plasticine is made in Europe and complies with European standards for toy safety. Your children can have fun in freedom and safety, under the supervision of an adult of course. This makes the perfect gift for a special occasion or just for a quiet afternoon playing.
• With its soft and malleable texture, the BIC Kids Plasticine modeling kit is specially adapted for young artists;
• BIC Kids plasticine can be reused. It gives your children the opportunity to play happily for a long time, while stimulating their creativity and dexterity;
• You will not have problems with dirty fingers; this modeling set keeps your children's hands clean while playing;
• BIC Kids plasticine is made in accordance with European standards for toy safety, this modeling set allows children to have fun giving them safety and freedom;
• This creative set contains 6 colored bars, which children can mix to create their own new colors.


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