Queen Delicate Peach Toilet paper with peach scent, 3 layers, 10 rolls


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Queen Delicate Peach Toilet paper with peach scent, 3 layers, 10 rolls 

Toilet paper Queen Delicate Peach , with a pleasant peach scent, packed in a 10-roll box, 135 sheets / roll. Made of 100% cellulose, the paper arranged in three layers has a high absorption power, being useful at home or in the sanitary units of restaurants, hotels, schools, cafes, etc.

- Toilet paper is a delicate and soft product with your skin;
- The arrangement in three layers gives it increased resistance against breaking;
- Toilet paper Queen Delicate Peach ensures comfort: the sheets are softer, fluffier and super absorbent;
- The expiration date is unlimited.

Product Advantages:
QUALITY: The Regina brand is recognized for its superior, safe and quality products.
ECONOMIC: The tray contains 10 rolls of paper in three layers, and each roll has 135 sheets with a width of 96 cm.
PRACTICAL: The pleasant and intense peach scent adds freshness to the product.


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