Scented towels for the STIRA e AMMIRA tumble dryer, 20 pieces


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Scented towels for STIRA e AMMIRA tumble dryer, 20 pieces
Stira e Ammira scented napkins will always help you to have freshly scented clothes, velvety and easy to iron.

The innovative formula based on conditioner and antistatic agents comes into operation during the drying cycle and, due to the special fabric used, releases an inviting and fresh pleasant scent in the laundry, softens and softens the clothes, making them much easier to iron.

Napkins are ideal for use in various laundry drying programs, with a 3 in 1 action:

Fragrance the laundry during the drying cycle with an inviting and fresh scent, eliminating the unpleasant damp smell that could form in the drum
Reduces wrinkles and creases of fabrics, making ironing easier
They increase the softness of the clothes, leaving them soft and fluffy
Pleasantly scented, napkins can also be used as an air freshener in closets, drawers, cabinets, bags, suitcases, etc.


Insert one or two towels together with the laundry into the dryer drum (depending on the amount of laundry).
Select and start the appropriate drying program.
At the end of the drying cycle, dispose of the napkins in the household waste. It is recommended to use a new napkin for each drying cycle and follow the drying instructions on the clothing label.


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