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Fried mice snack 45g 28pcs
SAVE 1 lei
McVities Digestive Light, 250g
Stark Choco Smoky Classic 40g
Banini Noblice cookies, 250G
Jaffa Biscuits Tak original 200G
Mars Bounty Cookies, 180g
Banini Domacica apricot tart, 210G
Jaffa cake brownie, 75G
Croquettes with cheese 150 gr
Breadcrumbs with poppy seeds 140 g
Breadsticks with salt 140 g
SAVE 0,10 lei
Mulino bianco tarallucci 350g
Mulino bianco galletti 350g
SAVE 0,90 lei
Mulino bianco cuor di mela 250g
Mars Mars Cookies, 162g
Mars Twix Cookies, 144g
Mars M&M's Cookies 180g