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Minced pork, per kg
Boneless pork leg, degreased, per kg
Pork neck with bone, sliced, per kg
Agricultural family chick, per kg
Fragedo Refrigerated chicken liver, per kg
Fragedo boneless sliced ​​breast, per kg
Pork liver, per kg
Small Comtim 1kg
Comte Small Comtim 1kg
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Pork goulash, per kg
Fragedo refrigerated chicken tacam, per kg
Pintenas Pui grill the punga, per kg
Skulls Boned chicken breast, per kg
Boneless pork chop, per kg
Fragedo Transavia chicken wings without tip, per kg
We count sliced ​​pork breast, 500 g
Pork chop with bone, per kg
Pork breast with bone, per kg
Chicken hammers on the tray, per kg
We count meat for goulash, 500g