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Assorted cakes, per 100g
Chocolate bar, 400g
Profiterol cake, per kg
Roll with chocolate cream 400 g
Remarkt cake, per 100g
Tort stracciatella, per kg
Chocolate bar, 1000g
Cornlets with plum jam, per 100g
Marlenka Cake with cocoa 100g
Mini rollers, per 100g
Oreo cake, per kg
Cake cheesecake, per kg
Marlenka Pachlava 280 g
Marlenka Walnut balls 235g
Chocolate bar with walnuts, 70 g
Chocolate bar in wafers, 70 gr
Albina cake 600 g
Ecler cake 450 g
Albina cake 400 g
Marlenka Walnut cake 800g
Assorted miniecler, per 100g
Madalina cake, per 100g