Canned vegetables

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Bucegi Naut for cooking and salad 400g
Canned fruit in broth, 680 g
Bonduelle fine green pea preserves 210ml
O'Green Sweet Corn Beans in Vine 340g
Canned vegetable stew, 300 g
Bonduelle Sliced ​​mushrooms, 280 g
Olympia diced beet salad 720ml
Arovit Yellow Bean Pasta 680g
Heinz Sweet Corn 400g
Bonduelle Red Bean Beans, 200g
Arovit Pea green beans 700g
White beans beans O'Green 400g
Maxim's sliced ​​mushrooms jar 280g
Giana Cannellini white beans, 400g
Naturavit Green peas beans, 720g
Raureni sweet corn box, 340g
Bucegi Red beans 400g