Popcorn, pretzels and puff pastry

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Star puffs sauté with 80 g salt
Tuc Original salted biscuits 100g
Boromir pretzels from Buzau with wheat bran 250g
Boromir Buzau pretzels with 250g salt
7 days Bake Rolls crispy bread slices with pizza spice 80gr
Salted salads with cheese, 110g
Star puffs with peanut and hazelnut flavor 95gr
XXXL puff pastry for girls, 150g
Star puff pastry with cheese flavor 90gr
Chio popcorn for microwave with caramel flavor 90g
Salted salads with cumin, 110g
Crax sesame sticks sticks with sesame 110g
Mayernyik Popcorn corn for popcorn 200g
Chio Brezli pretzels salted 500g
XXXL puff pastry for boys, 150g
Tuc Salted biscuits with cheese flavor 100g
Snacks with sesame 100g Gold Fischli
Pom-Bar Original Snack with salt 50g
Chio Maxi Mix baked snacks 100g
Chio popcorn for microwave with butter flavor 80g
Chio popcorn for microwave with 80g salt
Saute with caramelized onions, 200g
Cheese-flavored Snack Bar 50g