Pate and preserve meat

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Transylvania Pate from pork liver 200g
Scandia Sibiu whole pork pate 200g
Transylvania Chicken liver pate 200g
Scandia Sibiu pate with pork liver 120g
Scandia Sibiu Whole chicken pate 120g
Scandia Sibiu brass broth in aspic 300g
Bucegi Pork liver pate 300g
Bucegi Pate pork 120g
Bucegi Intense pork paste 45% liver, 120g
Transylvania Pork paste 100g
Scandia Sibiu whole chicken pate 200g
Bucegi Pate pork with pepper 120g
Mandy chicken pate, 200 g
Scandia Sibiu Whole duck liver pate 120g
Sadu Canned beef 300g
Transylvania Pork paste 300g
Mandy pork pate, 200 g
Hame Moravia smoked meat, 340g
Tomis pork liver pate 15%, 200 g