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Up to colored household bags 60l 20pcs
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Fairy Lemon 800ml
Fairy Fairy Lemon 800ml
11,99 lei 13,99 lei
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Up to colored household bags 20l 30pcs
Epack green household bags 35l, 30 pcs / roll
Fairy Lemon 450ml
Fairy Fairy Lemon 450ml
7,99 lei
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Fast resistant household bags, 35 l
Ropack household bags 120 l
Fine sponge nail protection 3pcs
Up to economy 60l 20pcs household bags
Fast resistant household bags, 60 l
Up to colored household bags 35l 30pcs
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Fairy Apple 800ml
Fairy Fairy Apple 800ml
11,99 lei 13,99 lei
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Fairy Pomegranates and Red Oranges 800ml
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Universal disinfectant hygienol Eucalyptus 1l
Pure dishwashing detergent Hands & Nails 750ml
Universal surface cleaner Mr. Proper Ocean, 1L
Epack food bags 2l / 2kg, 100 pcs / roll
Epack aluminum foil 20m
Up to economy bags 35l 30pcs
Triumph Degreaser Forte Universal 500 ml
Wet kitchen cleaning wipes, Deep Fresh, 20 pcs / pack
Ropack household bags 240l black 10 pcs.