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Tuna loin pieces in oil, 160g
Home Garden sprouts in oil, 170gr
Eva Ton pieces in olive oil 160g
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Smoked sprat in oil, 170g
Nemo Smoked sprat in oil, 170g
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Giana sardines in oil, 125g
Navodul Full of tuna pate with peppers 100g
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Losos herring tomato sauce, 175g
Eva Tuna crushed in vegetable oil 160g
Sprot tomato sauce, 170g
Tuna chopped tuna in vegetable oil, 160g
Rio Mare Tuna package in olive oil 3x160g
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Herring in oil, 170g
Nemo Herring in oil, 170g
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Rio Mare Ton pieces in its own juice 160g
EVA Sardines in tomato sauce 115g
Eva Ton pieces in own juice 160g
Tapas Ton pieces in own juice 160g
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Rio big tuna in natural juice, 3 x 160 g
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Tuna loin pieces own juice, 160g
Home Garden sardines in oil, 110 gr
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Salmon sprot smoked in oil, 170g