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Petit Beurre biscuits with butter 400g
7 days max croissant with cocoa filling 85 gr.
SAVE 0,30 euro
Tuc Original salted biscuits 100g
Tuc Tuc Original salted biscuits 100g
2,59 euro 2,89 euro
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SAVE 0,20 euro
African milk chocolate 90g
African African milk chocolate 90g
2,19 euro 2,39 euro
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Boromir Buzau pretzels with 250g salt
Give dark chocolate bar and crispy waffle 50g
Boromir pretzels from Buzau with wheat bran 250g
SAVE 2,80 euro
Mogyi Peanuts fried and salted 300g
Mogyi Mogyi Peanuts fried and salted 300g
7,69 euro 10,49 euro
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Kindergarten Good cocoa 43g
SAVE 1,20 euro
Lays browned chips in the oven with 125gr salt
Milka chocolate with alpine milk 100g
Milka Chocolate with hazelnuts 100g
Star puffs sauté with 80 g salt
7 Days Home croissant with cocoa filling 300gr
Nutline white sunflower seeds 200g
Chio popcorn for microwave with caramel flavor 90g
Chio Brezli pretzels salted 500g
SAVE 0,07 euro
Milka Choco Wafer glazed with chocolate with hazelnuts 30g
SAVE 0,40 euro
Milka Choco Jaffa biscuits with chocolate mousse, covered with 128g chocolate
SAVE 2,11 euro
Eugenia Familial biscuits with cocoa cream 360g