Honey jam and spread creams

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Arovit strawberry jam, 1.4 kg
Arovit cherry jam, 1.4 kg
Arovit berry jam, 1.4 kg
Arovit Cranberry jam 340g
Raureni Hot pepper jam, 250g
Arovit Cherry jam 340g
Arovit Strawberry jam 340g
Arovit magiun plum, 1.4 kg
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Raureni strawberry jam, 270g
Arovit apricot jam, 360g
Raureni Plum jam, 370g
Arovit strawberry jam, 360g
Raureni red onion jam, 250g
Arovit Berries jam 340g
Arovit Apricot jam 340g
Raureni Velvet and fragrant cherry jam, 370g
Arovit Raspberry jam 340g
Nutella Hazelnut spread with cocoa 400g
Nutella spreadable hazelnut cream with cocoa 700g
Nutella 630g
Nutella Nutella 630g
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Raureni Velvety and fragrant strawberry jam, 370g
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Raureni delicate and fragrant quince jam, 350g
Raureni Velvet and aromatic apricot jam, 370g
Raureni blackberry jam, 270g