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White crystal sugar "Diamond" 1 kg
Helios refined sunflower oil 1l
Tomis beans with sausages 830g
Baneasa white wheat flour superior type 000 2 kg
Gyermelyi Spider paste pasta with 8 eggs 250g
Univer sweet ketchup 470g
Per Minute Mustard of mass 300g
Dr. Oetker old vanilla 4 x 8g
Deroni sarmale rice 1kg
Raureni vinegar 9 *, 1000 ml
Mayernyik corn starch 250g
Faina Dobrogea Tip 650 1kg
Faina Dobrogea Tip 000 1kg
Extra fine white sugar "Brilliant" 1 kg
Rollton instant noodles with chicken flavor 60g
Grandmother sunflower oil for frying 1l
Cosmin leustean 6g
Cosmin Cosmin leustean 6g
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Cosmin paprika 17g
Cosmin Cosmin paprika 17g
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Univer sauce mayonnaise 420g
Pakmaya dry yeast 10g
Olympia mustard from Tecuci classic 300g
Joya eco drink from 1L rice