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Cris-Tim bacon 300g
crystal Cris-Tim bacon 300g
24,89 lei
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Sissi ham from pork leg 650g
Sissi Sissi ham from pork leg 650g
35,29 lei 48,99 lei
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Pick sausages pork and beef 275g
Caroli cream sausage extra pork 280g
Unicarm peasant salami with ham 650g
Premi cremwursti 1kg
Premia Premi cremwursti 1kg
12,99 lei
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Cris-Tim extra summer salami 300g
Alpinia homemade salami 400g
Morliny hot dog package family 1kg
Wudy Crenvursti classic maxipack 1kg
Perutnina Frankfurters chicken sausages 1kg
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First salami with 650g ham
Primo First salami with 650g ham
16,99 lei 17,99 lei
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Matache Macelaru` muschi file 100g
Cris-Tim smoked fillet muscles 100g
Sissi ham from sliced ​​pork leg 170g
Fox parizer chicken breast 500g
Cris-Tim Prague ham 100g
Ring raw bacon slices 150g
Cris-Tim Saxon salami 350g
Fox sausages with poultry 280g
Primo parizer 1kg
Primo Primo parizer 1kg
14,89 lei
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Banat Bun lebar 300g
Pick salami with paprika 400g
Cris-Tim Sibiu salami sliced ​​100g