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Olympus milk consumption 3.7% fat 1l
Flower glade whole milk 3.5% fat 1l
Flower glade semi-skimmed milk 1.5 fat 1l
LaDorna drinking milk 3.5% fat 1l
Mullermilch milk drink and banana flavor 400ml
Olympus organic milk 3.7% fat 1l
Covalact drinking milk 3.5% fat 1l
Dairy with milk caimac 3.8-4.1% fat 1l
LaDorna milk with chocolate 200ml
Mullermilch milk drink with chocolate flavor 400ml
LaDorna milk with chocolate and caramel 200ml
Zuzu Fit milk protein drink with chocolate flavor 500ml
Muller Milk and white chocolate drink 400ml
Organic donkey milk, 250ml
Olympus Consumer milk 3.7% fat, 1.5L