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Arovit pitted cherry compote, 580g
Raureni Cherry compote in concentrated syrup, 720g
Raureni Compote of pineapple pieces in syrup, 565g
Bitar pineapple pieces, 565g
Home Garden cherry compote, 720ml
Home Garden peach compote, 720ml
Raureni Round pineapple compote in syrup, 565g
Raureni Unpeeled halved peach compote, 720g
Dole Pineapple pieces, 567 g
Naturavit halved peaches, 700g
Naturavit cherry compote, 720 ml
Naturavit pitted cherry compote, 720 ml
Home Garden cherry compote, 720ml
Dole Pieces of tropical pineapple in own juice, 3x227g
Giana Cocktail of tropical fruits, 425ml
Giana Pineapple slices, 565g
Giana Pineapple pieces, 565g