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Arovit eggplant zacusca, 300g
Arovit spicy zacusca, 300g
Arovit vegetable stew, 680g
Arovit vegetable stew, 300g
Tomis beans with sausages 830g
Tomis beans with smoked 830g
Tomis beans with sausages 300g
Tomis beans with smoked 300g
Raureni tasty and filling bean zacusca, 300g
Raureni tasty and filling peasant zacusca, 300g
Caprice and Delights beef soup 400g
Arovit pea+pork meal, 300g
Raureni spicy and tasty spicy zacusca, 300g
SAVE 1 lei
Meatball soup Caprices and Delights 400g
Belly soup of Caprices and Delights 400g
Arovit zacusca with beans, 300g
SAVE 1,90 lei
Beef Goulash Whims and Delights 400g