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Eggs from Bihor. casserole 10 pcs, size M
Olympus cream 20% fat 900g
Olympus cream 20% fat 200g
Olympus milk consumption 3.7% fat 1l
SAVE 1,50 euro
Philadelphia Cream of fresh cheese 200g
SAVE 0,50 euro
Zuzu semi-skimmed milk 1.5% fat, 2L
You Zuzu semi-skimmed milk 1.5% fat, 2L
8,49 euro 8,99 euro
In stock
Farmer sweet cheese 500g
Muller Riso rice with milk and raspberries 200g
Olympus butter 82% fat 200g
Muller Mix yogurt with vanilla and cereal balls 130g
Activia yogurt with muesli 125g
Napolact Whipped milk 2% fat 900g
Olympus Telemea cow 350g
Flower glade whole milk 3.5% fat 1l
Pakmaya fresh yeast 25G
SAVE 1,20 euro
From Bihor class A eggs size S form 30pcs
Napolact kefir bio 3.5% fat 330g
Cream cheese chair 250g