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Good homemade cream 12% fat 370G
Danone natural yogurt 3.5% fat 130g
Flower glade semi-skimmed milk 1.5 fat 1l
Eggs from Bihor casserole 10 pcs, size M
Almette Fresh cheese cream with green onions 150g
Grate kefir, 330 ml
Activia yogurt 125g muesli and peaches
Flower glade whole milk 3.5% fat 1l
Hochland goat telemea 200g
Napolact kefir bio 3.5% fat 330g
Healthy shave, 330 ml
Unicarm cream 12% fat 850g
Danone delicious yogurt with cherries 2% fat 400g
Olympus Telemea cow 200g
Razeti whipped milk, 330 ml
Activia breakfast yogurt with strawberries 168g
Almette Fresh cheese cream 250g
Pakmaya Fresh Yeast 25g
Olympus goat telemea 150g
Hochland triangles of melted cheese with 140g ham
Olympus cream 20% fat 200g
Olympus milk consumption 3.7% fat 1l
Muller Riso rice with milk 200g