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Morarita puff pastry 800g
Bella pizza dough 400g
Chestnut puree 250g
Sponge Chestnut puree 250g
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Snickers Ice cream on a stick with peanuts and caramel 91ml
Mill dough Creamy dough 500g
Bella pie with pumpkin filling 800g
Iinca puff pastry dough 800g
Lynx Pastry dough puff pastry frozen fast 800g
Morarita was a 400g pie
Alpin Lux mini rolls with vanilla cream 500g
Strudel mill with yogurt and strawberries 500g
Alpin Lux romcherie frozen puff pastry 800g
Linco Patisero pumpkin pie with 800g
Linco Patisero pie with apple filling and cinnamon 800g
Linco Patisero was a 400g pie
Mars Ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce 450ml
Alpro Ice cream with soy and vanilla 500ml
Corso Fresh Melon melon ice cream 1000ml