Eggs and Yeast

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Eggs from Bihor casserole 10 pcs, size M
From Bihor class A eggs size M formwork 30pcs
Pakmaya Fresh Yeast 25g
Socodor eggs, size M, 10 pcs
From Bihor class A eggs size S form 30pcs
Unusual simple tofu 300g
Socodor formwork eggs, 30 pieces
Unpublished smoked tofu 300g
Simply V natural vegan cream 150g
Pakmaya Fresh Yeast 50g
Pakmaya fresh yeast 500g
Eggs Bihor L formwork, 30 pieces
Verdino vegetable slices with cheddar taste 150g
Pakmaya Fresh Yeast 100g
Bravo fresh yeast 500g
Grandmother's Secret Fresh yeast, 50g
Verdino vegetable product with Cheddar taste 200g