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Bananas, per kg
Remark Unmatched Offers Bananas, per kg
3,29 euro 3,49 euro
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Carrots, per kg
Remark Unmatched Offers Carrots, per kg
2,99 euro 3,19 euro
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Orange, per kg
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Jacobs Kronung Alintaroma, roasted and ground coffee, 500 g
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Mere Idared, per kg
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Celery root, per kg
Emeka Paradise toilet paper, 8 rolls x 3 layers
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Flat natural mineral water bottle 2L
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Coca-Cola Gust Original 6X0.33L non-returnable bottle
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Watermelon, kg
Remark Unmatched Offers Watermelon, kg
1,69 euro 1,79 euro
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Tomis beans with sausages 830g
Bucovina flat natural mineral water 2L
Emeka Dry Max - White 2 kitchen rollers
Emeka Elastic Fibers - Paradise 24 roll toilet paper
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White bell peppers, per kg
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Eggplant, per kg
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3,39 euro 3,59 euro
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Franzela 500g
Remark Unmatched Offers Franzela 500g
1,70 euro 2,30 euro
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Western flat water 6l
western Western flat water 6l
2,25 euro 2,39 euro
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Helios refined sunflower oil 1l
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Philadelphia Cream of fresh cheese 200g
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Zuzu semi-skimmed milk 1.5% fat, 2L
You Zuzu semi-skimmed milk 1.5% fat, 2L
8,49 euro 8,99 euro
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Pork goulash, per kg
Remark Unmatched Offers Pork goulash, per kg
15,99 euro 16,99 euro
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Rosii Romania, per kg