Yogurt and sour cream

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Unicarm cream 12% fat 850g
Olympus cream 20% fat 200g
Napolact kefir bio 3.5% fat 330g
Good homemade cream 12% fat 370G
Activia yogurt breakfast cereal 168g
Danone delicious yogurt with cherries 2% fat 400g
Covalact de Tara sour cream 20% fat 370g
Healthy Country Covalact 3.6% fat 330g
Albalact sour cream 20% fat 200g
Muller Riso rice with milk and strawberry sauce 200g
Napolact sour cream raw 25% fat 300g
Olympus cream 20% fat 900g
Albalact Cream 20% fat, 400g
Danone delicious apricot yogurt 2% fat 400g
Danone natural yogurt 3.5% fat 130g
Grate kefir, 330 ml
Actimel yogurt with strawberries 8X100G
Olympus Bio Greek yogurt with 10% fat, 150 g
Muller Pezzi yogurt with strawberries 2x125g
Grate yogurt 750 ml
Muller Riso rice with milk and chocolate
Solomonescu cream 30% fat 500g