Charcoal metal grill with lid, 2 wheels, 56 cm


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Charcoal metal grill with lid, 2 wheels, 56 cm

This grill guarantees you delicious dishes, cooked evenly at a constant temperature due to the lid. You will enjoy great results at any time, with a minimum of effort.

It can be used in the yard, garden, on the balcony or when traveling, being easy to store in the trunk of the car to enjoy tasty meals.

The grill has a stable and resistant construction, being made of stainless steel that ensures a long resistance. It is easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the 2 wheels, the grill can be easily transported or moved and handled with the help of the 2 handles. It has a lower shelf in the grill where you can store various things such as a bag of charcoal or utensils for cooking.

It is essential for evenings when you want to enjoy a healthy meal cooked outdoors with family or friends.

- charcoal grill
- mobile
- 2 wheels for transport
- 2 ways
- storage shelf
- covered with a layer of heat-resistant paint
- grill / bowl diameter 56 cm
- barbecue height 85 cm
- stainless steel material
- dimensions 56 x 85 cm
- black color



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